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Keystroke Prep is a bespoke education consultancy. Our mission is to provide the best education service that we’d want for our own children.

Small is Beautiful. We prefer working one-on-one with a small number of students. Only then can we offer the attention and personalised service.

Bespoke Service. We think of ourselves as trusted mentors and master crafters. We listen well, give thoughtful advice and guide you towards crafting your unique story.

Committed & Proud. We don’t boast. The success of our clients speak for the quality of our work.

Our story and how we work

When my son applied to university, we were overwhelmed. So I applied my previous training as a McKinsey consultant to help him identify his interests and narrow down his options.

We developed a strong application showcasing his unique qualities. He got into his dream school. Most importantly for me, he learned a lot about himself, and how to position himself for future  opportunities.  

Throughout I was coach, thought partner and agony aunt as I listened, advised and cheered him on. When the going got tough or when things didn’t go his way, I was there to help him keep going.

Today, this is still how I work with my students. With a team of carefully vetted mentors from around the world, we  apply the same thoughtful and committed approach to help you pursue your dreams.

It’s all about you

You might already know where you want to go. That’s great. Or maybe, you’re unsure and feeling overwhelmed. That’s OK too.

Take a deep breath.

We understand. We’re good at listening.

We’ve helped many students go through this. And we’re quietly proud of what they’ve achieved.

We’ll work side by side to make sense of what you want to do, and we’ll do everything to help you prepare applications that stand out.


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